A family-first approach

My relationship with each family is the foundation of my practice. All good writing starts with good listening, and I build every relationship on the bedrock of that understanding. 

Clarity and openness

As an independent celebrant in Hackney, and a public speaking coach and former teacher, my experience will guide you with confidence, awareness and empathy. I work clearly and openly, ensuring a simple and straightforward process.

Finding the Words

The right words, at the right time, and in the right place, can hold great power. They can heal and uplift in equal measure. Finding those words feels like the hardest part of all. Together, we fill that page, creating a wedding to be remembered for a lifetime or a funeral your loved one would be proud of.






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Why I became a celebrant

Growing up in this city, I didn’t see ceremonies or commemorations in ways that represented me. They were for people who followed a more traditional path. Although I didn't fully understand why, I came to a false belief that public commitment, open celebration and communal grief weren’t going to feature in my life. I would be in other peoples’ audiences, next to people who understood something that had passed me by.

But, after a decade in teaching and public speaking, I realised that wasn’t true. I decided to take a modern approach to celebrancy. As an LGBT celebrant in Hackney, I wanted to make sure that all people could see themselves represented in the most important moments of their life, building on the traditions and texts that hold meaning for them . 

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is usually someone from a non-clergy background who can officiate and lead a range of ceremonies. They lead the ceremony, guide guests through the order of service, and deliver addresses such as eulogies or other words you would like included.

In my work as an independent celebrant in Hackney, I can help tell personal stories, and with your guidance, make it as meaningful as possible. For a funeral I can also help create an Order of Service, selecting appropriate songs, poems, and written passages to help break up the ceremony and help organise the celebration. See my blog for free resources.

Your modern-day celebrant

Independent celebrancy can include individual elements, traditions, religions and personal beliefs. Where many ceremonies are restricted to an either/or approach, an independent celebrant can help make your celebration as religious or non-religious as you choose. In my work as an LGBT celebrant in Hackney, I speak directly with the families and couples involved, and will make sure that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable at the event.






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Whether you are looking for the right words for a best-man speech, or would like to see your loved one remembered in a fitting manner, contact Jane Cahill, LGBT Celebrant in Hackney.

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